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P.S. Spoilers Episode 1 –

Hey,  guys! It’s the first episode of our show! Right here on the internets! Tell your friends! There’s a new episode every Tuesday! Here’s a partial transcript.

(mmss) 0000 Are we recording?

0023 What the hell are we doing?

0041 sixty minutes is an hour then?

0121 i’ve got some bottles to crack against my skull.

0142 I put liquid in my mouth

0153 1944 tascam reel-to-reel

0215 mental masturbation

0240 Ogden nash joke.

0257 That’s brilliant!

0322 I can make phone noises with my mouth.

0346 Perhaps Dave can make laughing noises with his mouth?

04:06 That was my topic!

04:29 That’s a lot of steps!

04:45 actually now that’s our first topic.

0513 is David Crosman writing transformers fanficiton?

0543 Ok, let me clear this up.

0622 Yes.

0708 here’s what I would have preferred…

0748 not bad sloppy

0758 just to be a dick.

0826 aight, luke’s dying

0844  I., Luke Johnson, take full responsibility…

0909 Butt, butt, butt.

0909 aren’t only the basest of amateurs, and all the porno people, writing fan fiction?

1045 Oh, I wasn’t writing transformers 3.

1109 that robot’s got balls!

1127 are we pausing?

1150 If Kurtzmann and Orci are listening to this, I guarantee you they’ve turned it off.

1212 A Hundred Dollar Bill Gun.

1236 I More >