Heartaid (Ep 6 Excerpt)

A 2 minute excerpt from Episode 6 which answers the question: What was something you did after a breakup that seems so cliché now? Dave regales us with tales of mixtapes and Starcraft! Olaf regales us with some song stylings, and Luke mostly laughs and namechecks Dr. Worm and John Hughes.

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Name the Movie (Ep 5 excerpt)

Hey! It’s our first Name the Movie Contest! All you have to do is listen to us describe the idea for the movie in this clip, then think up a name for the movie, and call in and leave it on our Callers Line, 31-Audience [(312) 834-3623]. You could win one of three fabulous prizes! 1) A drawing of you  by Olaf, 2) A song about you written by Dave, or 3)$10,000 of Luke’s money!*

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So call in your entry into our first Name the Movie contest right away! Or click the Phone Button on the right and Google will connect you for free! (Have a stupid-sounding voice or just too shy to call? Send an email to Movie@psspoilers.com )

*The winner can select from the first two options unless Luke finally starts renting out his ass for advertising space.

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P.S. A note for those who wish to niggle. Charles Manson initially carved an X into his forehead, which was later modified into a swastika. Olaf, as a person of Polish descent, had a problem drawing a swastika and didn’t More >

5 Stars (Ep 4 Excerpt)

Well, it’s a bit of a boxing match in today’s excerpt, from the very exciting Episode 4. In this corner, Olaf: a man of extremes. In that corner, Luke: a man of reason. In the other corner, Dave: A man of humble dignity. And in the last corner, Caffeine: which makes us all louder.

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And apologies for the delay with posting this excerpt, someone stepped on my laptop, I’m working on getting a new one, but in the meantime posts will be on Wednesdays to give me more time to do the doodles with a mouse.

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Boobmonster (Ep 3 Excerpt)

In Today’s 2 minute excerpt, from Episode 3, we discuss one of those questions that could have been the preoccupation of man, if only anyone had thought to ask it sooner. And while Olaf thinks he’s being fairly amazing in even bringing up the question, and Dave is right there with a quick “Check!”, Luke is embarrassed to even be here. I guess Luke just has no sense of the wonderment of progress.

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Super Mario Moonshine! (Ep 1 Excerpt)

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Hey, here’s a tiny slice of the brilliance that is Episode 1! The very first episode, when we didn’t know what we were doing and had no plan. Which is completely different than later episodes. Completely. Totally Sharkeyly.

Anyway, this is a tiny taster excerpt, running less than two minutes, to give you a soft landing into the podcast complete… think of it as a single from an album. If you like what you hear, or if you just want to know what Dave finds interesting about Mario, you can listen to the full episode in the archives.

I’m going to be doing these for a bit until we have some new episodes to share with you, just to keep the site alive and give me an excuse to do more doodles. I do all of the doodles in the time it takes to listen to the podcast, usually on the bus, so keep in mind that these are done in about an hour, and may not be the most professional pieces of art ever. This one, however, is the most amazing thing ever… sometimes you strike gold.

Happy draw guy is happy.

Check back More >


19 – If Charlemagne had a Light Saber I would care.

It figures I’d have technical difficulties posting the very last episode of this season. (Turns out I recorded it at 48khz and the Mp3 transcoder wasn’t pulling it down before mp3-ing at 44.1khz, which cause massive garble; for those who were interested.) But it’s resolved now, so here it is for you. While I was waiting for some transcoding, I changed my mind on the composition of this doodle, but then I didn’t really like it better. So the net result of my indecisiveness is that you get two versions here, with almost the same assets but totally different compositions. Tell me which you prefer in the comments!

Anyway, this is our first podcast from the road, we are in Luke’s car on the way to and from a game night at a friend’s house. Hopefully you can get through all the road noise and enjoy the regular noise of us chatting endlessly. We discuss Movies and Gary Coleman’s death, Olaf tries to get everyone to play Undomained Names, which doesn’t happen. We talk some politics and mention things we see from the car. Honestly this description isn’t doing much to sell you, but if you listen to it you won’t More >


17 – We are not trying to kill Rip Torn

17 - We are not trying to kill Rip Torn [ 1:06:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

This hasn’t happened before. I think we killed Dennis Hopper.

In this podcast, recorded April 4th, we predicted the death of Dennis Hopper, which actually happened about a week ago. We did not want him dead, nor did we mean to encourage Death in any way.

Listen, we talk about celebrity deaths because it’s an interesting, often surprising part of pop culture. This isn’t to say we are enjoying the deaths of these people, because we don’t know them. We sometimes guess who might die next because we are squeezing levity into a macabre subject, laughing in the face of death if you will. Apparently this may come back to make us seem insensitive or dickish if our delayed release happens to coincide with the celebrities’ delayed release.

Actually, I think we may have known that something could go horribly awry, because this is at times an uncharacteristically somber and intellectual podcast for our usual standard.

Please don’t get offended, and if you’re going to sue someone, sue Luke. -Olaf


16 – Apart-Hide and Diet Aids Creme

Well, I spent extra long on the doodle for today, since it is a double, but that leaves me unwilling to listen to this admittedly above-par episode of the show a third time today. So there’s no write-up really, just this note to say that this is really a very fun and funny episode of the show, you should listen to it.

And don’t forget you can vote on who won the show at the top of this post. Your votes matter. Somehow.

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