(I would like first to reemphasize that we are not in any way intending to mock the dead, we attempt to celebrate life at it’s terminus and inject some levity into the dark median of the highway Styx, without irrupting Charon’s Jersey Barrier.)

Hey it’s a brand new season of P.S. Spoilers! We call this Season 3, because it’s the third one! In this show, topics abound as Olaf tries to keep Dave and Luke’s brains from  imploding against each other. He mostly fails. But somehow we mostly adhere to the schedule. Dave makes allegations about a dead guy based solely on his image. Luke practices Karate on a podcast, and makes sounds! Dave and Luke and Olaf all bring topics, we play Idea for a Movie, Undomained Names, and Who’s There, with varying success. We discuss a very few of the celebrities who’ve died during our prolonged hiatus, and there’s a lot of stuff which I struggle to categorize, describe or explain.

Listen immediately and please tell your friend. We don’t make money from this, we do it for you, the peeps. Oh, and call in your jokes to 31-AUDIENCE or we’ll never play Who’s There again.


Marvin Sease Soul Singer, sings our theme for this ep, Candy Licker.
John Barry
(Composer on many Bond films) Hold Music for Undomained Names
Ferlin Husky
(The Magic happens at about 32 seconds.)

Jack Lalanne Sings his theme song

The Other Wes Moore Book (This is the book Olaf’s First Topic was inspired by which he couldn’t remember. Via NPR.)

*We use to keep track of the dead and dying

Chuck Berry