The final excerpt from our second season comes around as all the others. Late and underwhelming. I mean, Great and overwhelming. Nah, I meant the first one.

Since this is our first episode from the road, we discuss an unusual land-speed record in this excerpt from episode 19, If Charlemagne had a Light Saber I would care

The post-game analysis goes thusly: Dave, of course, is naive to the term, and doesn’t even think he’s driven fast enough to compete. Luke has driven fast, but gives the impression that he hasn’t engaged in the pastime, so let’s declare Olaf the current record holder on the show, though he was only doing 45 or so at the time, and feels that he may need to raise the bar on that.

So if there are any preposterously attractive and adventurous ladies in the audient seeking to earn a place in history, please let us know and we will try to put you in touch with Olaf to negotiate the rigorous practice schedule he insists will be necessary for this world record attempt.

A note: Updating of this site will seem even more sporadic than usual for a while before the monumental third season, as Luke and Dave need a bit of a hiatus before resuming not working on this site,  and Olaf really needs to focus on finding a job, which is exactly what he’s procrastinating doing by doing this right now.