It is impressed upon us that being normal, or normative, is the correct way to be. Any deviation from the center of what is considered acceptable to society is strange or terrifying, and must be labled and shunned.

In the past (and in some areas of the present) race, gender, religion, and political bent were at the core of most such marginalizations.

For current times, the principal deviation under consideration is one of sexual orientation or predeliction. Today’s excerpt addresses, in very scientific terms, the determination of how one fits others, specifically actors, into said group. Listen here and discuss with your friend:

This is a small slice of a much larger discussion in the very ‘large discussion’-centric episode 17 – We are not trying to kill Rip Torn .

Ps. I don’t know what the doodle has to do with anything. I think there was a point to it, but I don’t remember it by now.