Sorry for the delay on this one, Job hunting and real-world stuff have kept me so busy this last week that I haven’t had time to cut and post an excerpt. I didn’t have a ton of time today to do it either, so this isn’t a terribly slick excerpt, but… I’m going to throw this up here today just so I’m not a week late again. This drawing isn’t specific to anything either, it’s from my private stash of comics, but it’s not really in my style and was done on the quick, so let’s pretend it’s done specifically for this excerpt,  because it’s pretty funny and let’s face it, you don’t care about the drawings anyway, you’re here for a discussion on face meat. I’ve also included a bit of our theme song for this episode, for purposes of padding.

Speaking of which, this excerpt is from the Jordan Berkowitz Hour, episode 15, where face meat is discussed in much greater detail. So if you do like this excerpt, give the full episode a listen. If you don’t like this excerpt, you’re probably a rational human being, so you really don’t belong here anyway.