It figures I’d have technical difficulties posting the very last episode of this season. (Turns out I recorded it at 48khz and the Mp3 transcoder wasn’t pulling it down before mp3-ing at 44.1khz, which cause massive garble; for those who were interested.) But it’s resolved now, so here it is for you. While I was waiting for some transcoding, I changed my mind on the composition of this doodle, but then I didn’t really like it better. So the net result of my indecisiveness is that you get two versions here, with almost the same assets but totally different compositions. Tell me which you prefer in the comments!

Anyway, this is our first podcast from the road, we are in Luke’s car on the way to and from a game night at a friend’s house. Hopefully you can get through all the road noise and enjoy the regular noise of us chatting endlessly. We discuss Movies and Gary Coleman’s death, Olaf tries to get everyone to play Undomained Names, which doesn’t happen. We talk some politics and mention things we see from the car. Honestly this description isn’t doing much to sell you, but if you listen to it you won’t need a description. So click here to listen, or find us in iTunes, and don’t forget to rate us!