First we talk about the themesong, Luke’s iphone, Xbox, Apple, then we make sheep sounds for a while. Luke is surprised that Olaf has never heard of Lambert the Sheepish Lion, sings the themesong, and Olaf tries to suss out the Christian propaganda in it. This leads us to Chronicles of Narnia, and Veggietales. Luke gets Dave to taste beer, MGD gets a plug, though not whatever Luke says is his favorite beer.

Then we start arguing. This continues for an hour. This is really the core of what we do here. The name gets batted and battered about, including suggestions as “Superlative Exceptionalism” and “Awesome Balls” and “Shitbait”. We discuss the Japanese and the possibility someone already has a product called shitbait. Luke is stunned. Then we talk about the phone number, which is no longer accurate, check the homepage for the current phone number.

Luke’s topic is about peeing. We talk about Revolutions, the coffee house, then Starbucks, the Coffee Conglomerate. Luke has a dilemma, which explains the featured drawing for this post. Olaf is confused by Luke’s hardline morality. Dave is on Luke’s side. Olaf asks important-sounding questions about banal trivialities. Dave dives to immediately comparing this to rape.  (Nearly breaking Godwins Law). This swings over to Roman Polanski, with mentions of Chinatown, Kubrick, Terrence Malick, vis-a-vis The Thin Red Line, Coppola, Five Easy Pieces, The Two Jakes, and Walter Matthau in Pirates (Luke’s Matthau is is Jimmy Stewart-y this week.) and another wild segue to Michael Jackson, via Thriller. Then, we swing back to the discussions of  bathrooms, vagrants, and hookers. Oh, and then Cameras in Bathrooms, and Olaf’s sweet ass.

Ooh, and then Luke does break Godwin’s Law, but tries to couch it as a part of the Gay Agenda. Which Olaf takes as an opportunity to shine a light on the Straight Agenda.  Dave tries to talk intelligently about O’Reilly and Iran, and Luke trainwrecks us into an 80′s pop culture reference.

Then we play OUR LEAST FAVORITE GAME!!! With references to Orville Redenbacher, Lance Henrickson, and the Pettridge Farm Guy, or rather, the Pepperidge Farm Guy, Nikita Kruschef, Nikolai Volkoff, and Michael Dudikoff.  Snakes on a Plane, Airplane! joke, and Dave explains the novella he’s been writing in the last 20 seconds.  Confusion ensues, Olaf proclaims he can’t do DeNiro, and Luke kicks Dave a lot.

Captain Lou Albano gets a plug, things go horribly wrong, with Dave calling Milano cookies Mulatto’s, things continue to go wrong, dueling Marvin the Martian impressions, more Fail, and then Luke mercifully ends it all. We’ll never play this game again.

Olaf moves us right along to: Idea for a movie: Hostile Takeover. Dave goes with an action picture, which he’s apparently been writing for years. Harrison Ford and John Malkovich’s Russian accent’s get mocked, which leads to Dueling Sean Connery’s. Then to Bond, George Lazenby and the porno On Her Majesty. Roger Moore must get a mention, and Dave continues. and continues to continue, casting Ralph Fiennes and Gary Oldman, the Professional and Futurama get plugs. The good company is headed by Michael Jai White, which leads to a Black Dynamite plug. And finally Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, and the bridges of Madison County. Chris Pine.

Olaf accidentally introduces Luke to Grinder (via Stephen Fry, Top Gear, and Jeremy Clarkson plugs). Dave explains the rest of his plot, and all are amazed. Olaf goes next, Good co: Joel Hodgeson, Bronson Pinchot, with Tony Jaa as the Samurai. Bad Co: Wayne Knight (Seinfeld), considers Glee, Katherine Heigl, but Roseanne’s sister wins, Calls it “One life to Liver” and calls it good.

Luke goes with Tilda Swinton, and Toni Colette for now, in a psychological thriller. Gets distracted by Grinder again, then Casts Ian McKellan and then switches Toni Collette to his team and adds Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti. Olaf interjects that he wants Charles Bronson and Bronson Pinchot, just so he can make the moviephone guy go “Charles Bronson Bronson Pinchot”

Olaf plugs ign and Shiggy, and we talk about Lou Albano and the Mario Show. Then there’s mention of MJ again, and JT and Jay-Z, then we do some more stuff, but not before I realize how long this summary has gotten, and just post the damn link already:

P.S. Spoilers.
P.P.S. Olaf would like to apologize for being a dick about Dave’s topic.