Episode # 8, the Ocho! Topics discussed include Junk in the trunk, Cars, 300M, Jaguar J-type, Mustangs, kicking, Predators Vs. Prey, the Predator, Time, Big Words, Cheese. Nomenclature, the phone number, busses, WAITING FOR DAVE. 5 buses roll by. The internet, DARPA, Darfur, email, Laptop Hustlers, TBD, Halloween Costumes,  Taste, Get Smart, Foot Fist Way, Danny McBride, giggling, kicking an old woman is always funny, Casablanca, Rosebud, Citizen Kane, Peanuts…the strip, Citizen Kane Plothole, Film Majors, Steve Carell, Little Ms. Sunshine,  CG Doors, Nick-at-night, Often Orphans, indie movies, Fox Searchlight, Matthew Broderick, Greg Kinnear, Jay Leno, Bill Hicks, Gongs, Angel Kisses, Manlier Gongs, typing, Undomained Names, 1138+30, IcebergLettuce.info, Housebreaking.us, BugOlaf, Tetris, Ancient Russian Folk Songs, indiwidowani.com, Satan Lettuce, and much more!

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