We play a game called Worst Impressions, where we try to do bad impressions. Well, we try to do good impressions, but they’re always bad. This week, in recording the 3rd or so episode of the new season(#22?), we remembered to actually do the conclusion of this game, and it went swimmingly. Well, it went better than the setup from Episode 10, which is what we start to do in today’s excerpt.

Almost immediately, we get sidetracked into the subject of High Difficulty Pr0n, and then Dave ends his presidential career by telling us his new thing and singing a song about it. Yes, at least 3 topics in a 2 minute clip. We’re considering being diagnosed with collective ADD.

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Incidentally, episode 10 is called Fred Rogers Killed a Man, and reveals who Luke and Olaf will be doing in episode 22′s Worst Impressions.