17 - We are not trying to kill Rip Torn [ 1:06:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

This hasn’t happened before. I think we killed Dennis Hopper.

In this podcast, recorded April 4th, we predicted the death of Dennis Hopper, which actually happened about a week ago. We did not want him dead, nor did we mean to encourage Death in any way.

Listen, we talk about celebrity deaths because it’s an interesting, often surprising part of pop culture. This isn’t to say we are enjoying the deaths of these people, because we don’t know them. We sometimes guess who might die next because we are squeezing levity into a macabre subject, laughing in the face of death if you will. Apparently this may come back to make us seem insensitive or dickish if our delayed release happens to coincide with the celebrities’ delayed release.

Actually, I think we may have known that something could go horribly awry, because this is at times an uncharacteristically somber and intellectual podcast for our usual standard.

Please don’t get offended, and if you’re going to sue someone, sue Luke. -Olaf