Super Mario Moonshine [ 1:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Hey, here’s a tiny slice of the brilliance that is Episode 1! The very first episode, when we didn’t know what we were doing and had no plan. Which is completely different than later episodes. Completely. Totally Sharkeyly.

Anyway, this is a tiny taster excerpt, running less than two minutes, to give you a soft landing into the podcast complete… think of it as a single from an album. If you like what you hear, or if you just want to know what Dave finds interesting about Mario, you can listen to the full episode in the archives.

I’m going to be doing these for a bit until we have some new episodes to share with you, just to keep the site alive and give me an excuse to do more doodles. I do all of the doodles in the time it takes to listen to the podcast, usually on the bus, so keep in mind that these are done in about an hour, and may not be the most professional pieces of art ever. This one, however, is the most amazing thing ever… sometimes you strike gold.

Happy draw guy is happy.

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