Hey! It’s our first Name the Movie Contest! All you have to do is listen to us describe the idea for the movie in this clip, then think up a name for the movie, and call in and leave it on our Callers Line, 31-Audience [(312) 834-3623]. You could win one of three fabulous prizes! 1) A drawing of you  by Olaf, 2) A song about you written by Dave, or 3)$10,000 of Luke’s money!*

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So call in your entry into our first Name the Movie contest right away! Or click the Phone Button on the right and Google will connect you for free! (Have a stupid-sounding voice or just too shy to call? Send an email to Movie@psspoilers.com )

*The winner can select from the first two options unless Luke finally starts renting out his ass for advertising space.

To listen to the rest of Episode 5, Manchurian Candidate by Proxy Syndrome, click there.


P.S. A note for those who wish to niggle. Charles Manson initially carved an X into his forehead, which was later modified into a swastika. Olaf, as a person of Polish descent, had a problem drawing a swastika and didn’t More >