Finally, P.S. Spoilers can bring you an excerpt that doesn’t start with Luke and Olaf bickering. This time, Luke and Dave are bickering! It’s a whole new dimension of bickerage!

After a moment, you’ll hear Olaf’s newest idea for a movie, or just really the title of the movie. Navy Seals and Air Force Penguins vs. Army Dolphins and the Coast Guard Kale. Olaf ‘s gone to the trouble to illustrate a spec poster, for the benefit of our deaf listeners.

Ok, listen and enjoy, then help us play our most unplayed game, “Who’s There?” By calling in a joke to our callers’ line at 31-Audience, or email your thoughts to .

8-NSaAFPvsADaCGK-Psspoilersdotcom [ 2:59 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

If you like what you hear, listen to the full version of episode 8, Cynthia Rothrock’s Rosebud there.