De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum. (Psspoilers 30ish)

(I would like first to reemphasize that we are not in any way intending to mock the dead, we attempt to celebrate life at it’s terminus and inject some levity into the dark median of the highway Styx, without irrupting Charon’s Jersey Barrier.)

Hey it’s a brand new season of P.S. Spoilers! We call this Season 3, because it’s the third one! In this show, topics abound as Olaf tries to keep Dave and Luke’s brains from  imploding against each other. He mostly fails. But somehow we mostly adhere to the schedule. Dave makes allegations about a dead guy based solely on his image. Luke practices Karate on a podcast, and makes sounds! Dave and Luke and Olaf all bring topics, we play Idea for a Movie, Undomained Names, and Who’s There, with varying success. We discuss a very few of the celebrities who’ve died during our prolonged hiatus, and there’s a lot of stuff which I struggle to categorize, describe or explain.

Listen immediately and please tell your friend. We don’t make money from this, we do it for you, the peeps. Oh, and call in your jokes to 31-AUDIENCE or we’ll never play Who’s There again.

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum. Psspoilers More >

Road Head (Ep 19 Excerpt)

The final excerpt from our second season comes around as all the others. Late and underwhelming. I mean, Great and overwhelming. Nah, I meant the first one.

Since this is our first episode from the road, we discuss an unusual land-speed record in this excerpt from episode 19, If Charlemagne had a Light Saber I would care

Road Head [ 2:07 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

The post-game analysis goes thusly: Dave, of course, is naive to the term, and doesn’t even think he’s driven fast enough to compete. Luke has driven fast, but gives the impression that he hasn’t engaged in the pastime, so let’s declare Olaf the current record holder on the show, though he was only doing 45 or so at the time, and feels that he may need to raise the bar on that.

So if there are any preposterously attractive and adventurous ladies in the audient seeking to earn a place in history, please let us know and we will try to put you in touch with Olaf to negotiate the rigorous practice schedule he insists will be necessary for this world record attempt.

A note: Updating of this site will seem even more sporadic than usual for a while More >

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Totally Gaay. (Ep 17 Excerpt)

It is impressed upon us that being normal, or normative, is the correct way to be. Any deviation from the center of what is considered acceptable to society is strange or terrifying, and must be labled and shunned.

In the past (and in some areas of the present) race, gender, religion, and political bent were at the core of most such marginalizations.

For current times, the principal deviation under consideration is one of sexual orientation or predeliction. Today’s excerpt addresses, in very scientific terms, the determination of how one fits others, specifically actors, into said group. Listen here and discuss with your friend:

Standard Podcast [ 2:34 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

This is a small slice of a much larger discussion in the very ‘large discussion’-centric episode 17 – We are not trying to kill Rip Torn .

Ps. I don’t know what the doodle has to do with anything. I think there was a point to it, but I don’t remember it by now.


FaceMeat! (Ep 15 Excerpt)

Sorry for the delay on this one, Job hunting and real-world stuff have kept me so busy this last week that I haven’t had time to cut and post an excerpt. I didn’t have a ton of time today to do it either, so this isn’t a terribly slick excerpt, but… I’m going to throw this up here today just so I’m not a week late again. This drawing isn’t specific to anything either, it’s from my private stash of comics, but it’s not really in my style and was done on the quick, so let’s pretend it’s done specifically for this excerpt,  because it’s pretty funny and let’s face it, you don’t care about the drawings anyway, you’re here for a discussion on face meat. I’ve also included a bit of our theme song for this episode, for purposes of padding.

Standard Podcast [ 3:11 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Speaking of which, this excerpt is from the Jordan Berkowitz Hour, episode 15, where face meat is discussed in much greater detail. So if you do like this excerpt, give the full episode a listen. If you don’t like this excerpt, you’re probably a rational human being, so you really don’t belong More >

12- shitbird

Shitbird! (Ep 12 Excerpt)

Shitbird! (Ep 12 Excerpt) - [ 3:01 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Listen, you have no idea how difficult it is to cull a 2 minute excerpt out of some of these episodes. Go ahead, try it for your own self, pick 2 coherent minutes out of the nonsensical ADD-laced ravings of easily distracted geeks in this episode, Rock Funkbucket. I dare you.

So, instead of a sensical ‘bit’, you get a small story about Dave. Dave used to do some stand-up comedy and he tells us about a heckler he once had. He’s actually talking about the taking of criticism. And this is the fiftieth digression away from the topic. This topic lasts 10 minutes or more and covers 35 topics. Per Minute. It’s pretty funny, some of it, but man does digression run rampant.

So here’s a small part of the topic, selected by calculating the Laughs per Minute plus the uses of the word ‘Shitbird!’ divided by the Digressions per Minute times the sum of Humor, insight, and Offense to Ethiopians. Or:

X = LpM + S! /DpM x ( H + I + OtE)

Hey, if you want to take over the editing of bits, you are fucking welcome to More >


Ferns and Mariachi (Ep 11 Excerpt)

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to win back a girl after getting dumped?

Ferns and Mariachi (Ep 11 Excerpt) - psspoilersdotcom [ 2:05 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

If you like what you hears, checks out the full episode , #11 – Tiddies!

And remember to call in a Joke to our joke line, 31-AUDIENCE . Gets your jokes on the airs nows.

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Sweaty ‘taint, oh, sweaty ‘taint. (Ep 10 Excerpt)

We play a game called Worst Impressions, where we try to do bad impressions. Well, we try to do good impressions, but they’re always bad. This week, in recording the 3rd or so episode of the new season(#22?), we remembered to actually do the conclusion of this game, and it went swimmingly. Well, it went better than the setup from Episode 10, which is what we start to do in today’s excerpt.

Almost immediately, we get sidetracked into the subject of High Difficulty Pr0n, and then Dave ends his presidential career by telling us his new thing and singing a song about it. Yes, at least 3 topics in a 2 minute clip. We’re considering being diagnosed with collective ADD.

Standard Podcast [ 2:07 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Incidentally, episode 10 is called Fred Rogers Killed a Man, and reveals who Luke and Olaf will be doing in episode 22′s Worst Impressions.


Our Least Favorite Game! (Ep 9 Excerpt)

We play a few games on our show, none of which is as consistently a disaster as “Worst Impressions”!

When future archeologists dig up the internets, I hope they find this clip, so that they can be all “What the fuck was wrong with these people?” You, however, can say that yourself today!

The whole game took about 8 minutes, and I felt that was too long for an excerpt, so I cut some setup out, trying to keep some coherence to the narrative. Listen here:

Standard Podcast [ 3:11 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

But if you really want the full experience, listen to the original show here: PS Spoilers Ep 9 – Shitbait! this game starts at about 19:30. Honestly, this episode’s great, it just doesn’t have a bit short enough to excerpt well. I hope you’ll give the full thing a listen, i think you’ll enjoy it.

Navy Seals and Air Force Penguins vs. Army Dolphins and the Coast Guard Kale Poster - NSaAFPvsADaCGK

NSaAFPvsADaCGK (Ep 8 Excerpt)

Finally, P.S. Spoilers can bring you an excerpt that doesn’t start with Luke and Olaf bickering. This time, Luke and Dave are bickering! It’s a whole new dimension of bickerage!

After a moment, you’ll hear Olaf’s newest idea for a movie, or just really the title of the movie. Navy Seals and Air Force Penguins vs. Army Dolphins and the Coast Guard Kale. Olaf ‘s gone to the trouble to illustrate a spec poster, for the benefit of our deaf listeners.

Ok, listen and enjoy, then help us play our most unplayed game, “Who’s There?” By calling in a joke to our callers’ line at 31-Audience, or email your thoughts to .

8-NSaAFPvsADaCGK-Psspoilersdotcom [ 2:59 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

If you like what you hear, listen to the full version of episode 8, Cynthia Rothrock’s Rosebud there.